Your brand’s reputation outweighs more than any other attribute. Many small businesses can be lost when they try to map out their branding process. Well, your expertise lies in your business and ours, as a PR company in Pune, lies in making public relations multiple times more fun for you. As a thriving PR agency in Pune, we drive our clients to desirable new audiences.

Our Public Relations Services


Media Relations

Building relationships with journalists and securing media coverage for clients through press releases, pitches, and media events.


Content Creation

Creating and distributing content for the client’s brand and messaging, such as press releases, articles, and social media posts.


Influencer Relations

Identifying and cultivating social media influencers to promote the client’s products or services.


Reputation Management

Monitoring and managing the client’s online reputation, including responding to reviews and comments and dealing with any negative feedback.

What are Digital Public Relations & how will it help Your business?

Digital public relations is a bouquet of activities that will magnetize your target audiences over the internet. PR services are planned and impactful methods to be the leading business provider in your niche. The process involves gaining publicity and customer support through internet-based strategies elevating visibility and popularity.

Connecting with your audiences lies at the core of marketing conversions. As a PR company in Pune, we provide unparalleled PR services as they help clients’ businesses in numerous ways.

  1. Stimulates awareness about your product/service
  2. Strikes a conversation about your uniqueness
  3. Storms social media with a strong presence

Our Public Relations Strategy

Understanding Your Needs

Our team takes the time to understand and research your domain, as well as identify and leverage your USPs at both the macro and micro levels.

Identifying The Right PR Opportunities

Our team chooses various media based on your needs, such as spokesperson profiling, cost-effective influencer marketing, and press releases (print and/or online). Then we pitch to a variety of publications in various fields.

Align Your Business With The Media Industry

Through research-driven public relations strategies, our experts understand what journalists and the industry are talking about. We find and work with social media influencers, bloggers, social personalities and celebrities, journalists, and publications who can tell your story and convert followers into customers.


We create strong content pieces for you that are published on the platforms of your choice once the media, publications, influencers, and journalists have been determined. We ensure adequate tracking and monitoring of impressions and engagements in order to spread your brand messages in the most accurate, cost-effective, and measurable manner possible using relevant metrics.

Our PR Process

AT the present state of businesses, effective and efficient PR services be a game changer for your publicity. At AOS – PR agency in Pune, you can expect an upward trend of a growing audience.

We streamline business identity through target anchor text, media spread and content creation. Our Process is to make you feel confident and bullish about your business through:

  1. SEO
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Media Features
  4. Social Media Marketing

We encourage the evolution of your brand image by:

  1. Promoting your brand through an influencer, podcast or press release
  2. Gaining high-quality backlinks
  3. Creating blogs that amplify your vision
  4. Enabling referral program

Why choose AOS Brand Consultant for your PR Services?

As your PR company in Pune, we can assure you a better quote and service transaction among competitive rates. AOS Brand Consultants is unique because our team not only puts your brand out on the internet but works to create a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with customers. Our engagement activities direct traffic to your website and periodically offers insights into organic growth analytics.


PR services include SEO and referral programs that generate leads and increase sales. PR makes a business stand out in the sea of similar brands.

PR helps increase brand value through meaningful media coverage. Mediums include blogs, press releases and other editorial coverage. Social Media channels also elevate the user experience. 

A few functions include:

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Cross Marketing
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. Publishing Articles

Press Releases

Since PR services consist of optimistic communications about the brand, a PR agency can assist in crisis management by conveying accurate information to the audiences through various channels.

Let’s help you grow your business